Equal Rights Center
The Equal Rights Center

Streamlining Learning


The Equal Rights Center, a civil rights compliance testing and training organization, came to SMILE for help administering their services more efficiently. They were facing a challenge that was limiting their ability to efficient and timely training and certification to those who required it. Not only did it take far too much time to create, print and distribute certificates, but users were also constantly losing the certificates, and requesting new ones.

SMILE worked closely with the Equal Rights Center to develop a comprehensive learning management solution. They built a self-serving online application for administering e-learning courses and webinars for the organization. The new tool allows users to sign in to a secure portal with a username and password, which provides access to all online courses. Upon passing the exam, a printable certificate is automatically generated and stored for future access. Time and resources previously spent on creating, printing and storing certificates was effectively eliminated.

The new application also allows the organization to track the average time it takes to answer each question, complete the entire exam, which questions are most often answered incorrectly, and more. This information can then be used to improve the quality of the exams in the future.

Some of the services SMILE provided include:

Equal Rights Center


  • Application Analysis and Updates
  • Application Development
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application Technical Support
  • Content Development
  • Learning Management Solution
Equal Rights Center


Reduced Administrative Overhead

Self-serving application makes it easy for users to create, print and store certificates

Better Exams

Continual exam improvement through data analysis