4 Undeniable Benefits of Learning Management Systems (LMS)

4 Undeniable Benefits of Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are one of the most accurate ways to administer, document, track and report on educational courses or training programs. For those that use it for higher education courses via systems like Blackboard Learn, Moodle, and Canvas, an LMS provides an unbiased platform for rating student performance. An LMS can also be an effective solution for analyzing any type of student performance across a variety of industries.

LMS is the future of teaching and training employees and students, mainly because of its convenience and flexibility. Additional benefits of using LMS to enhance your team’s skills and capabilities include:

1. An Unbiased Measurement

Learning Management Systems

Human Capital Management (HCM) systems are still very common today, despite the tendency for biases to occur. No matter how well-trained managers are on rating employee performance, biases are inevitable.  For example, managers often rate the performance of the employee based on their own capabilities. Therefore, if the employee is capable of everything the manager can do, they are more likely to get a higher rating than those who cannot. There are many unavoidable physical and emotional factors that play into performance rating which can be avoided by using an LMS instead.

2. A More Personalized Approach

HCM unsuccessfully uses the same cookie cutter approach every time to team building, whereas individuals have their own unique set of skills and capabilities that LMSs can narrow in on.  LMSs function as a sort of computer manager, letting the manager know where the employee is performing well or poorly, without bias getting in the way. Unlike an HCM, LMS solutions aren’t affected by human emotion. Therefore, LMS solutions help managers create better training guides, by removing the manager’s personal expectations, and providing reasonable expectations as the employee grows in experience.

3. An Accessible, User-Friendly and Scalable Platform

The information and education contained within an LMS can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. This allows the target beneficiaries to work on the development, training and performance content whenever it is most convenient. They also tend to be more responsive to the client’s needs and wants. The user-friendly interface allows users to glide through the content easily. The scalable platforms allow for learning modules to be adaptable to current and future needs. Plus, an LMS combines eLearning, Simulations, Mobile Learning and Classroom-based Learning, for a blended learning approach, and the LMS becomes the center for all modules and materials.

4. Better Technology Attracts Better People

The greater a company’s dedication to investing in advanced technology, the better. LMS technology makes collaborative learning possible. A LMS uses advanced technology for the mutual benefits between teachers and students and helps to create a reputation for being a tech-savvy, learning savvy organization. By offering employees the ability to access the LMS at any time, and from anywhere, along with utilizing social learning elements like Twitter and Facebook for ease of communication, students/employees have greater control and freedom in their lessons.

Learning Management Systems produce successful results, are more goal efficient, and cost-effective. They can be changed and altered as you see fit, and they attract the type of people you want affiliated with your business. Are you considering an LMS to help your business grow? To learn more about how SMILE can help you create an LMS for your organization, email us at  info@smilemultiemedia.com or call +1(603) 785-4118.


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