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Digital Marketing FAQ

Being aware of what others say about you online is key to setting goals for your brand image. Begin with Googling your business and strategize about what you want your brand image to be vs. what it is now. Create brand profiles on Google My Business and LinkedIn and use them as a way to connect and engage in content.

Creating a successful digital marketing and social media marketing strategy takes time. Developing a strategy, tracking online traffic and engagement, and being consistent will not happen overnight. It is common to begin seeing results within 4-12 months of starting an effective digital marketing strategy, but it will depend on how much time, effort, and money you are able and willing to invest.

Email marketing is a great way to nurture your leads through various stages of the buyer journey. Customizable, automated messages help to create a unique brand, and sending frequent emails is an effective way to keep current customers informed while attaining new ones. Setting clear goals for what results you’d like to achieve with your email marketing is crucial, so you can track and measure your progress along the way.

First and foremost; getting permission to send emails will help keep your messages from ending up in the spam folder. Also, by sending from a consistent and professional name and email address are important to build trust. Delivering high-quality, original, and engaging content are additional ways to get your emails opened. It is also important to delete inactive contacts along the way, so you can be sure your email list is always up to date.

Following best practices for copywriting techniques, keyword research and optimization (headlines, body copy, and metadata), along with understanding your user behavior are all effective ways to increase your click-through rate.

Our senior staff have been delivering SEO services since the 1996 and have developed several proprietary SEO tools since that time. What really sets us apart is our mature processes, which are the core of our success. Some of our clients are the largest destination sites in their respected verticals, largely because of our SEO strategy services.

Our advanced technology and tools, knowledgeable people, and innovative methodology makes us highly unique. Our resources and people are here to provide the support you need to grow and thrive.

Content Marketing FAQ

Content marketing is a marketing method that involves creating and distributing valuable digital content that creates high user engagement. Brands benefit from content marketing by increasing their online visibility and growing their website traffic, which ultimately helps build credibility and authority.

Developing a predictable publishing schedule shows consistency, which is a great way to attract new customers and keep existing ones. Creating a schedule will also help you plan your content in advance. Posting weekly and bi-weekly is recommended to allow enough time to do the proper research, write an initial draft, and to properly polish it off before posting.

Keywords play an important role in getting your content marketing ranked higher in search engines. Incorporating relevant keywords into your content tells the search engine what the content is about, which helps to put your content in front of the right audience. If you spend time doing research on which keywords are most effective for drawing your audience to your content, your content will be much more valuable.

Not getting to know your audience well enough, not spending enough time researching keywords, and putting emphasis on quantity over quality are some of the mistakes made often in content marketing. Creating a digital strategy and schedule can help you avoid making these mistakes.

Measuring the success of your content marketing strategy depends on the objectives you have set in place to begin with. For example, if you are focusing on measuring conversions, you’ll want to track social media engagement, traffic to your website, and how your content is ranking in search engines.

Web Design and Development FAQ

We don’t look at the website development process as merely building a website, but rather as a way to align your business objectives and methods of management. We know how and where effort should be applied, and we have proven processes in place to ensure our results are best-in-class. We build every website according to W3C development standards and always run them through a rigorous quality control test before publishing.

Website development project timelines vary depending on a variety of factors, beginning with a client’s individual goals for the project. The complexity of the design, functionality, and features ecombined with the number of pages and depth of content creation required will also affect the project timeline.

No, we are technology agnostic. We use any technology that is appropriate for the requirement of what you are looking for. Some additional examples of Content Management Systems (CMS) we have built websites on include Magento, Drupal, and Wix, to name a few.

Yes, most websites today are built with a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS). This is always the desired outcome. It is much easier to have the client update their site themselves vs. having you dependent on us long-term.

We have certified inbound copywriters available to write engaging content that converts. Our staff includes inbound copywriters with backgrounds in communications and search engine optimization (SEO).

Yes, we are partners of ADA complaint technology and all of our sites are mobile responsive. We live in a mobile first world these days; mobile response is crucial to creating a successful brand online.

Website Maintenance FAQ

100%. There are a lot of decisions we have to make, but for the most part, when it comes to user experience it is 100% controlled by the client. We need you to be invested in your project to get the best results.

Yes. Website Support and maintenance contracts are about 20% spend of a contract agreement.

General FAQ

Our hours of operation are 9:00am -5:00 pm. We primarily service the United States and Canada.

Smile MEDIA offers a wide variety of video services customized to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We can provide you with the framework for successful video transition through our comprehensive suite of services. These services include: Pre-Production (scriptwriting, storyboarding, concept development, logistics, and research), Field Production (directing, producing, lighting, and audio recording), and In-Studio (Green Screen, studio lighting, and set decoration).

We work with small, medium, and large enterprises. Our team enjoys working with a wide variety of clients across many industries, ranging from small and medium-sized private businesses to larger organizations, government agencies, and more.

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