A simple, user-friendly, and open-source content management system (CMS).

WordPress is a widely used, open source content management system (CMS) application that is popular throughout the digital marketing industry. It appeals to users with technical expertise levels ranging from novice to expert. While its capabilities were once limited, modern versions of the application provide robust plug-in functionality which allows users to use WordPress to do almost anything they need it to do. From storing photos, to syncing calendars, ecommerce capabilities and much more, WordPress can be a complete CMS solution.

This highly affordable platform is known for being reliable and easy to integrate with other online applications, such as social media sites and other content publishing platforms. One of the best features of using a WordPress CMS is that it can be quickly and easily updated by your on-site team vs. having to send complicated changes to an off-site developer, which can be expensive, as well as time consuming. WordPress also provides users with easy access to an expansive community of developers who can provide less experienced users with expert advice and trouble-shooting assistance.

Benefits of Using WordPress as Your Content Management System (CMS)

At SMILE media, we are focused on developing content management solutions that assist you in reaching your goals. Our CMS development team is well-versed in WordPress development, with a thorough understanding of its many plug-ins and how it is best integrated with other online applications you may already be using. The CMS development team at SMILE will work closely with your team to develop a flexible and customizable content management solution that meets the specific needs and challenges of your organization.

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