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Social Network Development
Infinity Social Network

Connections Using Big Data

Social Network Development

Infinity Social Network came to SMILE looking for assistance in building a platform that would help people with common interests, living in close proximity to one another, to easily find each other and create a community of their like-minded peers. They sought to create a robust online application that would allow for real-time access and powerful functionality, by leveraging the power of big data to identify overlapping interests and locations to bring people together.

Taste of the Seacoast Branding
Taste of the Seacoast

Aligning Brand Idenity

Aligning Brand Identity

Taste of the Seacoast is a reputable online and print publication representing the many restaurants located in the Seacoast, NH area. While the brand identity and recognition of their print publication has always been stellar, they came to SMILE to further improve the quality and functionality of their online publication. They sought a more user-friendly design, an easier way to manage ads, and a better way to manage updates and reduce security vulnerabilities for the website.

Equal Rights Center
The Equal Rights Center

Streamlining Learning

The Equal Rights Center, a civil rights compliance testing and training organization, came to SMILE for help administering their services more efficiently. They were facing a challenge that was limiting their ability to efficient and timely training and certification to those who required it. Not only did it take far too much time to create, print and distribute certificates, but users were also constantly losing the certificates, and requesting new ones.

Service Provided By Smile MEDIA
Frontier Travel Technologies

All Roads Lead to Growth

Growing Your Business

MotorcycleRoads.com, a free online motorcycle trip planning service, initially came to us for help with some simple website issues they were having. Certain functionality wasn’t working as it was originally designed, and they realized this wasn’t good for visitors. Upon reviewing the website development code, SMILE identified several bugs that were preventing the site from working properly.

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For years your team has been delivering constant value to our company and we always find your input thoughtful, engaging and trustworthy. Thank you!!!

Ken McDavitt
President, Link2TheCloud
Ken McDavitt

They helped us understand the state of the art and how we could use our strengths as a company to maximize the use of our site.Our new site has been a real boost for our business....

Gary Fails
President City Theatrical, Inc
Gary Fails

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