Video Marketing To Drive Business Growth

The Power of Video Marketing for Your Business

Break through the noise with video production.


Smile MEDIA is a digital marketing and web development agency with a team of seasoned and certified video marketing experts here to guide you in successfully scaling your business. With the power of video marketing, you can accomplish greater brand recognition, improve customer engagement, and customize your productions to enhance revenue driving digital strategies.


Smile MEDIA Custom Video Solutions

  • Video SEO Optimization

    Video SEO Optimization

    Rank high on the landing pages of heavily used search engines and increase traffic to your site, with the right video captions.

  • Youtube Analytics Audits

    Youtube Analytics Audits

    Track Youtube metrics, giving you the chance to step back and take a look at your videos objectively.

  • Video Marketing Support

    Video Marketing Support

    Get the reach you need, by addressing the ways in which you can improve your marketing tactics, follow through graphics, and intense shots.

  • Video Consulting Services

    Video Consulting Services

    Have a leading team of video experts by your side and ready to assist you with any questions and implementing the best strategies for you.

How Does Video Marketing Drive Growth?

Video Marketing is crucial to revamping and augmenting businesses and their approach to reaching a higher level of engagement, and ultimately attracting more clientele. In a technology-driven world, video dominates in so many ways.


One of the top benefits of video marketing is that videos boost brand awareness and conversion rates at a high scale, allowing your business to broaden its reach. In fact, studies show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support (HubSpot, 2018).


Using videos streamlines the message that you’re trying to convey and provides a clear cut and visually appealing option to get your business out in front of your target audience. There are several ways in which video production can do this, including:


  • Offers a Versatile Approach to Marketing

    Offers a Versatile Approach to Marketing

    Video production provides opportunities for businesses to use multiple platforms as their base to promote their company. They do this by sharing their videos across the web through several networking channels. The more shareable the content, the greater the traffic, and the stronger your reach.

  • Allows Businesses to Scale Successfully & Transform

    Allows Businesses to Scale Successfully & Transform

    With video marketing, you can grow your business sustainably using the right techniques and high-quality production to create desirable results and deliver significant ROI. Even with a low budget, using the right technique can put your company in a position of influence, increasing your revenue and successfully retaining customers.

  • Boosts SEO Rankings

    Boosts SEO Rankings

    Better SEO rankings leads to increased website traffic. The clients you’re looking to attract will be able to find your company a lot faster if you publish videos on a regular basis and maintain strong SEO strategies. Capturing your audience through compelling video stories can provide you with a unique position to evoke an emotional response, leading to establishing trust and interest in your brand.

  • Make an Emotional Impact

    Make an Emotional Impact

    The emotional ties you make by building storylines can create a lasting impact on the viewer, influencing their decision-making process. This can also communicate your unique value proposition in a more captivating way.

  • Increase Website Traffic

    Increase Website Traffic

    You can effectively increase sales and generate more leads through successful implementation of marketing strategies through SEO video.

  • Optimize the Customer Experience

    Optimize the Customer Experience

    Video allows businesses to create a more engaging and memorable connection with viewers, allowing the customer to think and feel that genuine connection to your company.

  • Entertain and Educate Consumers

    Entertain and Educate Consumers

    Videos not only entertain but can provide knowledge to consumers in a more effective and engaging way than many other forms of marketing. How can you make video an integral part of your business?

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