How to Retain the Users on Your Website

How to Decrease Your Website's Bounce Rate

In the domain of website design, it can be extremely hard to retain the users who visit your website. The higher bounce rates should be a cause of worry for every website owner. The higher this rate, lesser is the retention time of users on your pages. It means that your website is failing to make the right impressions. It is essential to create the perfect harmony of design with usability for better user experiences. An experienced website design company in Boston can offer expert design services to bring and retain more traffic on your site. Here’s how:

1. Decluttering the Pages: How To Retain Users on your Website

In the past few decades, website designs have been largely transformed. Minimal designs where content can take the center stage are winning the attention of users. If your site has too many distracting design elements, like flash animations or ads, it is recommended that you remove them immediately from the web pages to help customers focus on your key offerings.

2. Readability:

It can be frustrating for users if it is hard to read the content on your site. Most design experts believe that the font size of minimum 16 pixels is necessary to make the content legible and readable. You can also add some visual breaks to the content as well. Never include big blocks of unbroken text on the pages. Add subheadings, bullets, numberings, and paragraphs to break the content into readable bits.

3. Use High-Quality Images:

For credibility and trust, you should include some real photos of your business on the website. It gives users a reason to believe what you are trying to convey. Moreover, the images should be high-quality and customized according to your business. You will find a good decrease in bounce rate with this tactic.

4. Use Effective Linking:

A website design company in Boston can help you in incorporating high-quality backlinks and interlinking them into your web pages. This helps with retaining users by offering them more relevant information. External links can take them away from your pages. But, you can retain your user base by allowing these backlinks to open in a new window.

5. Improve the Page Loading Speed:

There is a massive information overload on the web. Users can be easily driven away from your website if it lacks in loading speed. Most of the users will refrain from visiting a website that takes minutes to load properly. They are smart enough to know that they can look to many other faster loading sites to find what they are looking for. Don’t let them leave your website; design your pages to load faster.

Adhering to these best practices, you can effectively reduce the bounce rates of your web pages and retain more users.

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