Tips for Creative Website Designs for Startups

Tips for Creative Website Designs for Startups

Creating websites for startups can be challenging because an online identity is the strongest branding tool and a point of contact, so it's important for it to be done right. It should be impressive, effective and multi-platform optimized. Moreover, it should invoke conversions and offer exceptional ROI. A creative design offers more than a free template; the value is in the details. Here are the tips to create web designs for new businesses:

1. Merge the Form with Usability:

It is essential to determine the purpose of a website before designing it. Depending on this factor, you should choose the best e-commerce platform or Content Management System aligned with your business objectives. This integration facilitates an effective implementation of usability features. A startup business needs to make positive impressions on the first-time visitors.

2. Bring More Clarity:

You can’t allow the attention of visitors to get lost due to improper messaging. The design should be appealing, but most importantly, it should bring the website’s purpose to the forefront. Instead of using excessive design elements, focus on the key parameters that make the website’s purpose crystal clear right from the homepage.

3. Retain the Brand Identity:

Every startup needs to generate awareness about its brand among its targeted customer groups. Let its logo shine throughout the site on every page. You should lay equal emphasis on other elements like colors, call-to-action buttons, typography, images, videos, etc. A website should be identical to its brand in essence. Your website's success is largely due to how unique it is, and if you want a complimentary consultation from creative minds, the SMILE team can offer customizable solutions for your brand.

4. Follow Mobile-First Strategy:

The mobile-first design strategy is suitable for startups looking for every potential chunk of clientele. Considering the speed at which mobile is obscuring desktops, you can anticipate massive inbound traffic through mobile devices. Hence, as a startup owner, you need a responsive design that renders effectively on all modern-age smart devices.

5. The Details That Matter:

Details related to the design of a website can make or ruin customer experiences forever. Hence, use effective and stunning imagery. Maintain consistency in design. The typography should be legible and preferably, bold. Create engaging content and integrate a simplified navigation. The design has to be plain and focused. Ideally, stick to the basics without going overboard. The most competent web design firms can understand the true intention behind this.

6. Integrate SEO Features:

When you design for the users and make your website SEO-friendly, doing so means half the battle is won. A user-centric design always fares well in the search engine rankings and drives more attention to your business.

Your business is important to you; it's what you know best, be it a skill, service or product. No one is stopping you from giving WordPress a go, but if you want assistance from professionals with building your own unique website (and marketing strategy), we at SMILE media are happy to help you! Contact us today.

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