Top Design Tips for Improving Website Conversions

Top Design Tips for Improving Website Conversions

A website is a vehicle with the power to bring more customers to your business. Having an appealing web design is essential. At the same time, your website should be functional to convert more traffic into leads, to ultimately enhance the revenues of your business. When designed by an experienced website design company in Boston, your website can become an important cog in the machine called an enterprise. However, you should remember the following design tips for improving its conversion rates:Improve Website Conversion Infographics

1. People Prefer An Uncluttered Design:

The web design trends have truly evolved over the years. Glitter GIFs, Christmas background music, and FunnyJunk style layouts are things of the past. The current trends favor clean, uncluttered designs, where the layout is simple and content is readable. You should remove the redundant features like animation and flash from the pages. Also, reduce the content to keep it precise, informative, and engaging.

2. Simple Navigation is Mandatory:

The design of your website shouldn't overwhelm users. Rather, the navigation should be simple and straightforward. The visitors must be able to find information within 2-3 seconds on your web pages. If it takes a long time to find the desired information, the chances of abandonment are unfortunately definite. A clear navigation menu with a well-defined pathway will lead to the completion of the desired action for the user, thus making them more likely to return to your site when making the buyer's decision.

3. Everything Needs to be Mobile Responsive:

Over the years, the influence of mobile devices on a website’s traffic has become clearly evident and Google highly favors it. The sites offering seamless experiences on any screen size are ranking ahead of the unresponsive designs. If your website adapts to any screen with easy accessibility of all its features and functionalities, it is likely to attract more traffic. In this regard, finding an experienced website designer and developer can help you build an effective mobile-friendly website.

4. Stock Photos Kill Conversions:

Believe it or not, the quality of images can largely affect the conversion rates. Hence, most of the experts believe that you should refrain from using stock photos. You can use these images for blog posts but certainly not on your About Page or Homepage. On these pages, you should use personalized images that reflect your business. Preferably, get the real images of your business clicked by an expert photographer to build the trust and confidence of users. If you run an e-commerce site, then using stock photos can definitely ruin its conversion rates.

5. Simplify the Contact Form for Better Results:

When browsing through your website, the visitors may try to contact you using the details given therein. Hence, simplify the contact forms and make it easy for them to contact you. A contact form having 3-4 fields is sufficient to collect required information for initial interactions and builds trust on the user's end.

There are many other variables to consider when developing, designing or redesigning your website. If you're unsure of all these variables and would like to learn more contact us today.

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