Chariots of Simcoe

The client came to us wanting to refresh their website and elevate their brand. They first asked us to design a new logo for them, along with many website improvements. They had created their existing logo themselves and decided it was time to have one professionally designed to match their offerings.

They also wanted to add more complex functionality to the home page to allow users to select repair options and pricing for specific models. Additionally, their existing website lacked important information that users were searching for, such as engine rebuilds and pre-purchase inspections, so they asked us to build these pages into the new website as well. They wanted users to be fully educated about what to expect when visiting the shop.

Overall, they were hoping to make the website more user-friendly and professional-looking while also increasing online search visibility in their service area. They wanted to compete with other market leaders in the industry by having a website that matched the level of service and quality they provide to their customers. 

Smile MEDIA worked closely with the client to develop all necessary content, update website design and functionality, and ultimately create a more polished online presence

Featured Services/Functionality

  • Website Design and Development
  • Logo Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Search Console
  • Technical Site Audit and Updates
  • Copywriting and Content Creation
  • Challenges


    The existing website had limited content and functionality, so it required a lot of manual data entry and content creation to make significant improvements. Additionally, there were many Porsche models that needed to be updated with specifications, features, and pricing information. Creating unique pages for each model with accuracy was a time-consuming task that required attention to detail.

  • Solutions


    Smile MEDIA utilized Wix as the website platform due to its flexibility and ease of use for both the developer and the client. We used a base template and customized the content and designs to match the client’s slightly updated and elevated brand. The template is easy to use and update with regard to content and images, making it convenient for the client as a small shop. The result is a nice-looking and easy-to-navigate website that matches the level of quality and service customers can expect from Chariots of Simcoe.

  • Impact

    The updated website is more professional looking and provides more comprehensive information about services and pricing. It is easy to navigate and answers the questions users are searching for when they seek a Porsche service and repair shop.


    The organization’s mission demanded a website with a clean look and feel to best represent their initiatives to contribute to a cleaner planet Earth and providing communities with affordable and easy access to advanced technology and support to better their future. The green and red colors in the logo are used throughout the site in various design aspects, including both text and imagery, resulting in a cohesive brand experience.


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    At Smile MEDIA, we are proud to have partnered with Chariots of Simcoe to help bring their online presence to the next level. Utilizing our expertise in website design, development, and digital marketing, we delivered a comprehensive solution to meet the client’s unique needs. Contact Smile MEDIA to elevate your digital presence today. Protection Status