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Case Study: Colonial Poplin - Digital Transformation

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Colonial Poplin

About The Project

About Colonial Poplin

Colonial Poplin and Poplin Way offers assisted living services and a strong continuum of skilled nursing care – all in one location. There are two separate facilities, each catering to the stage of life a person is in. Colonial Poplin came to Smile seeking a solution to portray each facility’s unique services separately, while at the same time identifying the value of having the facilities side by side. They wanted their existing site to have a more professional look and feel to match those of other local providers, as well as to be more discoverable in Google search, and to better portray the many services offered. They also wanted to promote their services to a wider audience through social media advertising.

About Colonial Poplin

The Smile MEDIA team began by building a mobile responsive website to match and enhance their brand identity, including a fully updated design, increased functionality, and Search Engine Optimization, which included a comprehensive technical site audit, including everything from surface-level issues to checking for critical code errors. The copywriting team updated all the website copy with SEO in mind to better portray the organization’s brand messaging and to become more easily searchable.

The development team further enhanced the site by building an interactive 3D map for visitors to take a virtual tour of the facilities. In addition, Smile added the functionality for visitors to subscribe to receive updates on the latest news, events and other relevant information, a contact submission form to generate leads, and the ability to apply for jobs at the facilities from the website.


Taking the existing website and updating it to have a more modern look and feel required a lot of skilled design work and collaboration with the client to ensure the messaging wasn’t lost in the new website. Additionally, the website needed to be designed with senior users in mind but also targeted toward younger viewers looking for services and facilities for their elder parents. The most complex aspect included was building the virtual tour of the facilities in a way that was easy to use and realistic.


The new website is much more user-friendly, modern-looking, and accessible for its target audience, which are seniors looking for assisted living and skilled nursing care facilities. It provides information on services provided, job opportunities, testimonials, images of the facility, and an interactive virtual tour of the most important features and areas of the facilities. Potential patients can find answers to their questions, as well as send inquiries and testimonials, subscribe for updates, and more.


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Colonial Poplin has seen significant increases in visibility, inquiries, and subscribers. Visitors are also impressed with the virtual tour capabilities, enabling them to view the facilities without having to leave their homes. This is especially important and valuable for the elderly population, for whom travelling and taking a live tour of the facilities may not be easy or even possible.

Website visibility increased with the development of the new website, specifically as follows:

  • Increased Website Traffic By 124%
  • Reduced Bounce Rate To 45%
  • 1000+ New Users on The Website
  • Channelized 89% of Traffic to Come from the USA

Style Guide

The brand style we chose for Colonial Poplin matches the look and feel of their original logo, but also incorporates a calm and soothing feeling to those visiting the site. The colours used throughout the site are mild and earthy and were chosen specifically to represent mental peace and a caring environment.



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