Case Study:

Case Study: Freedom Social Network - Community Building

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Freedom Social Network


  • Social Network

Featured Services:

  • Social network design and development
  • Website design and development
  • API-based network development
  • Mobile web design and development
  • Brand strategy and development
  • webRTC integration
  • Online advertising operations

Technology Stack:

  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • RDS with the latest MySql available in RDS.
  • PHP7 
  • NodeJS
  • Mongo DB
  • Socket.IO
  • YouTube Streaming services
  • Google Analytics 
  • AWS security implementations for DDoS and SQL protection injection
  • AWS Autoscaling, Load balancer and CDN
  • SQS
  • SES
  • Native IOS APP - Swift and Objective-C
  • Native android APP - Java
  • Challenges

    At approximately 10,000 hours, the biggest challenge for this project was the wide-ranging complexity of skills and depth of knowledge required to bring it all together. The client came to Smile with the goal of building the best social network out there and tasked our development team with doing the required research, analysis, development, and testing to bring it to life. The client also required a platform that would allow for a balance between freedom of speech and legality, as well as respect for human dignity. Additional considerations included providing information privacy, and securely managing mass amounts of data. It is using more technology than most development agencies will touch in a lifetime!

  • Solution

    From strategy to implementation, including product positioning, branding, and development, the Smile development team built the desired platform on a NoSQL system, based on API standards for maximum interoperability, scalability, and stability. The application is also integrated with webRTC to allow for voice video, chat, streaming, and much more.

    The platform allows users to control who can see posts and interests, offering multiple filters that can be customized. Freedom will also offer future live events and additional opportunities for people to connect and engage in real life. It is meant to be true social network that goes beyond the digital world. 

    Freedom Social Network was built to be a place where people can speak freely, while maintaining a commitment to trust, honor, respect, and integrity among their peers. It is meant to be a place where people can find more meaningful connections so they can live healthier and happier lives.


    “I have been working with Sheyne at Smile MEDIA for several years now, building new patented technologies, social apps, and a few websites that have made national news! There is literally nothing they cannot produce in this field. Sheyne’s resources are endless and top notch. He is very trustworthy, well organized, reliable, and friendly.

    I had a vision of creating a sophisticated social network with all the bells and whistles and Smile MEDIA certainly delivered with some extras! I had very little knowledge in the technology industry and as we built the social network, Sheyne educated me on many things along the way. I felt like I had a mentor throughout the process. Now I feel that I know the technology language, the social industry and much more, which has helped me tremendously.

    Due to Sheyne’s professionalism, ease of understanding, and mentorship, I will continue to use his services for many years into the future. I certainly recommend Smile’s services to anyone or any business, seasoned or not, that is looking for outstanding and timely deliveries. Very impressed! Thank you, Sheyne, for your outstanding services!

    Steven Vulich |


    The name of the platform is self-explanatory, but the logo features the colors of the American flag to further impress the platform’s greatest virtue - freedom of speech. Smile chose to user darker colors for the user interface to create a powerful contrast between the background and other sections of the platform, highlighting the most important parts of the application – where social interactions occur.


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