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At Smile MEDIA, we are a leading SEO agency providing top-tier SEO services to thousands of organizations in Portland and surrounding areas. As a reputable Portland SEO company, we understand that the digital landscape is in constant flux, and we continually adapt our SEO strategies to align with search engine algorithm updates.


Over the years, we have expanded our agency's offerings to include world-class social media marketing, paid search, web design, development, and online brand management services. As a trusted SEO Company in Portland, we prioritize our clients and work harmoniously with other vendors contributing to your marketing initiatives.


Our foremost priority is to place our clients at the heart of our operations. We work in harmony with any other vendors contributing to your marketing initiatives. We maintain that a well-synchronized approach can generate exponential outcomes. 


By collaborating with us, a premier Portland SEO company, you will benefit from our extensive experience, pioneering strategies, and state-of-the-art tools crafted to enhance your marketing campaigns and elevate them to unparalleled levels.


Together, we can attain exceptional results and establish your brand as a dominant force within your industry.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

There are many benefits to search engine optimization, including:


Increased Traffic

SEO can drive more traffic to your website from search engines, increasing revenue and business growth.


Increased Brand Recognition

A strong online presence through SEO can enhance your brand recognition, making your brand more visible and memorable to potential customers.


Higher Rankings 

Achieving higher rankings on search engines can signify that your website is high-quality and relevant, increasing visitors and boosting your online reputation.


Increased Authority

The higher your search engine rankings, the more natural backlinks your website will receive from other high-quality sites, improving credibility and authority in your industry.


Improved Visibility 

Improved visibility helps increase brand recognition and create a more substantial online presence, increasing customer trust and loyalty.


Improved Relevance

Achieving a high search engine ranking indicates that your website is relevant to searchers' interests, which can increase website traffic and user engagement.


Higher Conversion Rates

Ranking higher in the SERP results increases the likelihood of converting website visitors into customers, resulting in improved sales and revenue.

Portland SEO Services

Some of the specific SEO services we offer to businesses in Portland and beyond include the following:

  • Technical SEO

    Technical SEO

    Stay ahead of the competition with our technical SEO services that focus on improving website functionality and user experience for optimal performance.

  • E-commerce SEO

    E-commerce SEO

    Boost your online store's visibility, traffic, and conversions with our tailored e-commerce SEO strategies that target your niche audience and increase conversion rates.

  • Franchise SEO

    Franchise SEO

    Expand your franchise business with our customized franchise SEO services that cater to multiple locations, maximize local visibility, and increase brand awareness.

  • Keyword Research & Strategy

    Keyword Research & Strategy

    Gain a competitive edge with our in-depth keyword research and strategy that targets high-intent keywords and boosts your website's visibility and traffic.

  • Link Building

    Link Building

    Enhance your website's credibility and authority with our effective link-building services that attract high-quality backlinks and boost your search engine rankings.

  • Content Writing

    Content Writing

    Engage your audience and improve your website's search engine rankings with our high-quality content writing services that cater to your unique business needs.

  • On-page SEO

    On-page SEO

    Optimize your website's on-page elements for improved visibility and search engine rankings with our comprehensive on-page SEO services.

  • Local SEO

    Local SEO

    Increase your local visibility and attract potential customers in your area with our localized SEO services that focus on improving your local search engine rankings.

Client’s Experience & Results

Client Reviews

Exeter, NH

Smile Media is my search engine optimization expert and web site developer that I have been using for many years. Professional, knowledgeable, reliable and very easy to work with. I highly recommend Smile Media. Ed Shiembob One Long beach Properties

Ed Shiembob
Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images April 16
Exeter, NH

We hired Smile Media a year or so ago to help us with our SEO. We have noticed that many more of our clients have found it easier to find us on the internet based on the help that Smile Media assisted us in. We found them to be responsive, helpful and trustworthy with the scope of work that we were in need of. Thank you, Smile Media for your help with our business. Janice @PKsurroundings

Janice Page
Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images March 18
Exeter, NH

I have been working with Sheyne for several years now building new patented technologies, Social Apps and a few websites that have made national news! There is literally nothing he cannot produce in this field. His resources are endless and top notch. He is very trustworthy, well organized, reliable and friendly. I had a vision of creating a sophisticated social network with all the bells and whistles and he certainly delivered with some extras! I had very little knowledge in the technology industry and as we built the social network he educated me on many things along the way, i felt like i had a mentor throughout the process. Now i feel that i know the technology language, the social industry and much more which has helped me tremendously! Due to his professionalism, ease of understanding and mentorship I will continue to use his services for many years into the future. I certainly recommend his services to anyone or any business, seasoned or not that is looking for outstanding and timely deliveries. With Sheyne and Smile Media it doesn't matter if you have been doing your industry for years or just starting out, he is certainly the top of his class! Very impressed! Thank you Sheyne for your outstanding services!

Steven Vulich
Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images March 13
Dover, NH

I have worked with Sheyne and some of the Smile team for over 20 years on website and online marketing initiatives for businesses. Sheyne has a solid team of talented professionals that can deliver.

Matthew Palis
Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images May 13
Boston, MA

In the first two months since our new website went live with all of the enhanced features which let pet owners know who we are and where to find us, calls have increased more than 80%. We have already seen a significant ROI and working with Smile Media just started! We are adding more staff as a direct result of having chosen to modernize and stand out by going with Smile Media.

Boston Dog Lawyers
Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images June 30
Boston, MA

Smile Media redesigned my company's website to make it look more up to date and so it would have moving images. This has been a great improvement on what I had originally, and has helped the business. Furthermore, the support after the site completion has been fantastic. Smile has been very helpful in guiding me on how to maintain the site on my own. This both saves money and gives me more control over the site. I give Smile Media an A+ rating for quality of work and for service after the sale. I recommend them very highly-they will make you smile.

Jesse Yoder
Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images November 18
Boston, MA

I was extremely impressed with Smile MEDIA's responsive and effective efforts in helping me resolve issues with my Wix website.

steve nika
Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images September 18
Boston, MA

The folks at Smile Media have completed several IT projects for our nonprofit agency and we couldn't be happier with them and the results. They have a lot of patience with our lack of IT knowledge and are able to see things from the end user's viewpoint. Their communication has been first-rate and they strive to get everything excatly how we envision it. Hightly recommend! They make us SMILE!

Torey Kortz
Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images February 11
Boston, MA

They were very quick to respond, gave great advice, and the price was right! Definitely recommend.

Sandra Jacobson
Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images Star-Images November 29

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SEO growth refers to the process of improving a website's search engine ranking over time using various optimization techniques to increase organic traffic and revenue.

The best SEO strategies vary depending on your business goals and target audience but typically include keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, content creation, and technical optimization.

Our usual method for SEO strategy involves first analyzing the client's website and business goals, conducting keyword research, and then creating a customized plan that includes on-page optimization, link building, content creation, and technical optimization.

We integrate SEO into content by conducting keyword research to identify target keywords and then optimizing the content to include those keywords naturally and strategically while ensuring the content provides value to the reader. Protection Status