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What is an API and Why Should You Care?
Did you know that, according to a reputable Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution company, WebDam, there were over 5,381 marketing specific technologies available in late 2017. That’s a big number. This also represents 40% increase over the... read more
Understanding the Web and Mobile Product Development Process
These days, a new app is added to the digital ecosystem every few minutes. With such a large number of apps crowding the online marketplace, it is easy to believe that the process of web and mobile product development is simple. But that couldn’t be... read more
How to Start and Grow a Successful Online Business
We get asked this question often at SMILE media. Entrepreneurs looking to start a successful online business often don’t know where to start. They may have an idea for a product or service, but aren’t sure how to take the next step towards building... read more
What to Look for in a Web Application Development Agency
Regardless of the industry you work in, web applications are likely to play an essential part in running your business. From online databases, to project management tools, to payroll systems, content management systems, your company website, and... read more
Why You Should Update Your WordPress or Drupal Site Regularly
You made the choice to publish your website on an open source platform, such as WordPress or Drupal. While we wholeheartedly support you in that choice, it’s important to understand how to maintain your site properly. Sites built on open source... read more
Choosing the Right CMS for Your Business: Sitefinity vs. Open Source
With the world of web design and development in a constant state of change, it almost feels impossible to keep up with website best practices. It’s as if you’re always one step behind. What’s best for your website and business today, could easily... read more
5 Top User Experience Web Design Trends
We recently discussed the importance of having a great UX web design for your business, and how often it is underestimated. If you’re thinking about investing in a better user experience for your customers, there are many factors to consider... read more
The Difference Between Web Designers and Web Developers
Understanding the Differences Between Website Design and Development Website design and development are vitally important to businesses of all types and sizes today. It has become increasingly important for businesses to present the most... read more